10000 satoshi
List price: 0 satoshi


( 10000 satoshi/DARF = 0,00001 BTC)

ICO price is 10000 satoshi (0,0001 BTC) or 0,002 ETH by smart contract

Tokens issued a limited number, and the number of users
of the system will grow, it will grow and the number of transactions
carried out by them, that is, payments will increase the turnover of
transactions, hence the need for DARF tokens will grow , and thus
will increase it exchange rate .

DARF token is used to pay transactions from DARFChain module to a
public blockchain, similar to paying transactions in Bitcoin.
To speed up the carrying out of transactions in system’s blockchain, a
fee is charged. In the system, a user can specify a surcharge /
discount to the average value of transactions in this blockchain,
thereby increasing or decreasing the speed of conducting. The system
charges a commission for the purchase of a "gas" (the cost of recording a
transaction in a blockchain system) + 15-20% of the market price of gas
(conducting a transaction) in concrete blockchain. Payment is made
token system [DARF], which are spread by Initial Coin Offering. For the
conduct of transactions and the implementation of smart contracts, the
miners will receive remuneration, analogously as in existing
If you count the number of small businesses (up to 120 million people in
the world), cooperative members (about 250 million people in the
world), a community, including the online game (up to 50 million people
in the world), the amount of ERP transaction record market in
blockchain, with 10% of those involving people with a minimum rate of 10
transactions per day will give more than 150 billion transactions a
year. With the cost of a single transaction, for example, in the Waves
blockchain to 0,001 waves (~ $ 0,0062 at the rate of 5,12 USD / Waves at
June 2017), a total amount of about $ 1 billion a year, and when
recording in blockchain Bitcoin - up to 300 billion . per year. (average
price of transaction 75,000 Satoshi 2500 at the rate of USD / BTC in
June 2017). Our commission system is 20% of the value of transactions.

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